“I don’t get many things right the first time, In fact, I am told that a lot Now I know all the wrong turns the stumbles, And falls brought me here And where was I before the day That I first saw your lovely face, Now I see it every day And I know That […]

“You HAVE to see our barrel room!” Rachel and I perked up as we stood chatting with the event coordinator at Stone Tower Winery. “It’s just down the hill.  Meet me at the cart and I’ll take you down there!” We quickly chatted with Corinne and Andrew and went out to the golf carts that […]

Washington, D.C. was built with the specific purpose of bringing awe to its visitors.  But sometimes, especially when you live near it, it takes a little magic and a little bit of vision to remember that, and to make the experiences of this beautiful city one’s own. Basil and Grant had that vision, and definitely […]

We casually strolled back toward the resort, having just watched the sun break over the Gulf of California and curling our toes in the buttery soft sand as we climbed the sloping beach.  And there in the distance stood Tasha, on the balcony of her room, breathing in the crisp air and savoring the tangerine sky of […]

The day started and ended with festive music. Though not the kind you would normally expect in September. You see, Carla loves Christmas. Let us re-emphasize, she L-O-V-E-S Christmas. Perhaps this is the reason for her contagious smile, infectious laughter, and radiating warmth. (We’re starting to think that the reason she loves the holidays so much […]