Frame of Mind: The Barrel Room Portrait

“You HAVE to see our barrel room!”

Rachel and I perked up as we stood chatting with the event coordinator at Stone Tower Winery.

“It’s just down the hill.  Meet me at the cart and I’ll take you down there!”

We quickly chatted with Corinne and Andrew and went out to the golf carts that had been used to ferry guests between the ceremony site in the vineyard and the reception at the barn.  Down the hill we went to the main building of the winery, and we entered through the tank room.

We all let out a collective “Whoa…” when we opened the doors to the barrel room.

Huge oak barrels lined the hall on either side, and in the middle of the hall was an enormous dining table with a brilliant chandelier suspended overhead.

“We call this our ‘Game of Thrones’ table!” she said.  Corinne and Andrew grinned and nestled into one of the chairs as we readied the lights.


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