Our Process: The Portrait Consultation

On the most basic level, we believe this to be true:

Genuine Moments + Genuine Connection = Powerful Images

So how do we achieve this in our portraits?

Imagine doing something you enjoy, or savoring a moment with someone you love, and not having to stop the moment and break that connection to take a snapshot or a selfie with your phone.

Rounding the corner to see your daughter reading a book that’s almost bigger than she is, her right leg acting as a makeshift easel. [click] 

Sitting on the couch with your loved one drinking wine and cuddling while indulging in your favorite sitcom. [click] 

Noticing how grown up your oldest looks while riding his bike around the neighborhood. [click]

We strive for honest, authentic, beautiful images of you while you’re in that moment of complete connection.  Being able to witness people in their element, doing things they enjoy, naturally brings out their best.

Connection is everything.  Prior to scheduling a portrait session, we meet with you over coffee (or tea, or kombucha, or whatever tickles your fancy) at our home for an in-person consultation in order to get to know you personally.  Some of the most important discussions we will have together are about who you are and what you enjoy doing, listening to you story so that we can begin to notice its intricacies. This inevitably leads to favorite trips you’ve enjoyed, what you like to eat, favorite books and TV shows, and carrying on complete conversations while reciting lines from The Office or Parks and Rec.

Once a session date is picked, we help you brainstorm some fun activities that will help capture your unique personality.  One of the most pivotal moments of helping our clients through this process came a few days prior to a fall senior photo session. It was planned as an afternoon session hiking in a state park. When we were confirming times, and answering questions about wardrobe, our client said, “I don’t really like being outside, but I know that’ll make the best photos.”

We immediately stopped in our tracks.

After remembering how much she loved to bake cookies and be at home with her family drinking coffee, we suggested an in-home session. The mood immediately lightened and we had so much fun witnessing this amazing young woman play with her dog, laugh heartily while drinking coffee, and bake some of the most delicious paleo cookies we’ve ever tasted.

During the reveal session, I still remember her dad tearing up and saying, “You capture….her. This is the daughter I know and love. Thank you!”

We want to witnesses your individuality.  We’ve photographed people doing everything from playing with their dogs and cooking meals together at home to skiing and backpacking.  We’ll adventure alongside you, wherever you want to go…and we’re always up for new experiences.

At the essence of what we do is a respect for who our subject is and a recognition of the beauty of their life.  We want to notice that beauty, and tell the story behind it.

What experiences would you love to have photographed?  Why?  Something you do every day, or something you might only be able to bring yourself to do once?  Let us know in the comments.

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