The act of riding a motorcycle is revolutionary. Automobiles are everywhere.  They permeate human cultures of all kinds.  You cannot avoid them.  Motorcycles are different, though.  Yes, they have many of the same parts; an engine, wheels, frame, seats.  In many places, particularly developing countries, motorcycles are the best way to get around.  But they’re […]

There’s a certain element of freedom that exists in exploring a topic in a good academic atmosphere.  The experience of engaging students, and keeping them engaged, in the topic at hand is at once exhilarating and challenging.  This is especially true when you’re discussing with them the real applicability of what they learn to their […]

Four and a half hours seems like a long time to a kid.  Especially when those hours are spent crammed in the back seat of the car with your brother.  Growing up, my parents didn’t really take us on “vacations,” per se; they were more just trips back to Pittsburgh to see family and hang […]

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” ~ Native American Proverb   This year, on Earth Day, we can’t help but reflect on our trip to Joshua Tree last June. Part of what spurred our desire to see this uniquely beautiful landscape was the fact that many […]

“You HAVE to see our barrel room!” Rachel and I perked up as we stood chatting with the event coordinator at Stone Tower Winery. “It’s just down the hill.  Meet me at the cart and I’ll take you down there!” We quickly chatted with Corinne and Andrew and went out to the golf carts that […]