Amidst the slew of Happy Thanksgiving messages, one in particular caught my eye and my imagination. “Desire and gratitude are not mutually exclusive.” Yes. Thank you Kate! It’s been a big year for Greg and I, as you can sense through the sometimes sporadically sometimes sparse personal blog messages we’ve posted during the second half of […]

I am a curator of memories. Memories are not just abstract things you think about when someone mentions the familiar. They are feelings. They are visions. They are visceral and profound and deeply affecting. Memories are experiences. Rachel and I have lived in our home now for seven years. That’s almost as long as we’ve […]

Rewind to the middle of 2016. We began feeling less at home in our church, which nudged us toward investigating some other location options, or even moving within the DC Metro area. Shortly after this, my division at work brought on some new management who insisted on doing things “their way.” While I don’t believe […]

We almost didn’t go. We almost decided it would be easier, safer, and more convenient to just stay in Virginia and see the 82.1% coverage. I still remember when I changed my mind. I’d just read a report about the satellite Juno sending back information and images from its first orbit around Jupiter; it reawakened […]

The act of riding a motorcycle is revolutionary. Automobiles are everywhere.  They permeate human cultures of all kinds.  You cannot avoid them.  Motorcycles are different, though.  Yes, they have many of the same parts; an engine, wheels, frame, seats.  In many places, particularly developing countries, motorcycles are the best way to get around.  But they’re […]