I am a curator of memories. Memories are not just abstract things you think about when someone mentions the familiar. They are feelings. They are visions. They are visceral and profound and deeply affecting. Memories are experiences. Rachel and I have lived in our home now for seven years. That’s almost as long as we’ve […]

Four and a half hours seems like a long time to a kid.  Especially when those hours are spent crammed in the back seat of the car with your brother.  Growing up, my parents didn’t really take us on “vacations,” per se; they were more just trips back to Pittsburgh to see family and hang […]

It was several years ago, and our holiday season had been packed.  We had been so busy every week, traveled so much, and had so many sessions and weddings that year that Rachel and I thought to ourselves, “Why does the New Year have to start for us in January?” I mean sure, January has […]